Municipality of Voderady is situated in the hilly area southward of the city of Trnava. It has flat to mild undulating surface and it takes 1415 hectares. Its altitude in the middle of the village is 130 metresand from 129 to 146 m in peripheries. It has more than 1400 citizens. 
The first written mention about the village comes from 1234. First findings come from paleolit. The other findings from Voderady and its registered areas belong to all following historic periods. 
The dominant feature of the municipality is a castle with its park. The Castle which is the oldest building of Voderady wasrebuilt in the way of early Empire-style buildings in 1860-1870. The park behind the castle originally planted in French style was converted into English park style in the end of 18th century.Among historical sights of Voderady belongs certainly also the baroque church built in 1692.