● One of the main representatives of the Voderady branch of the Zichys, Count Jozef Zichy (1841 – 1924) made a journey round the world.



The map of Count Joseph Zichy's trip in Asia. ( 1875 – 1876 )



● In 1934 Voderady village was visited by an Indian maharaja.


In the Park of Voderady used to be the  gravestones  of the last French king, Charles the Tenth Bourbon (1757 – 1836), and his granddaughter Louise Marie Theresa French (1819-1864).


● Count Jozef Keglewich used to play his musical instrument in the hide of a tree crown behind his manor house.


● Over the main entrance of the church tower there is a walled in stone Baranyay family coat of arms. The coat of arms is head down, which probably signigies the end of its usage by the family.





A conversely fitted Baranyay's stone coat of arms.



Čambálová, Daniela a kol. Voderady 12431993. Voderady: Obecný úrad 1993.