St. Andrew's Church in Voderady



Religious patron count Thomas Baranyay gave an ordered to build a church without a tower in 1692 which is situated on the place of a former church of 14th century. However, count Stephen Zichy decided to renovate the church and added a three-story tower with a double convex roof in 1744. Tower with a stone entrance portal is built next to the front of the single-nave Baroque church.

There is a spiral shaped staircase made out of metal leading to the choir located inside the church, created by a Viennese firm Wagner as well as an organ which was built by Charles Neuser in the early 20th century.  A small room can be found to the left of the altar which was once dedicated to all counts. The entrance to the sacristy is equipped with a commemorative plaque mainly memorable for its religious masses, which used to be served inside the church by a Varadin presbyter Franz Zichy in 1876. Three original church bells have been confiscated and removed due to military purposes during the first World War in 12 September 1917.  Bell ringer Alojz Kurbel originally born in Trnava which was in charge of making sure the bells has been oiled decided to mould the new bells in 1925. Unfortunately, only pulpit and an original calvary have been preserved from the Baroque interior of the church.  

A various range of crypts are located below the church which is a place where members of the Zichy family have been buried.  The church is a dominant figure of the willage due to its great height.



Time period drawing



Čambálová, Daniela a kol. Voderady 12431993. Voderady: Obecný úrad 1993.